There are deviced used for Aura Analysis to acquire the necessary data and for treatment.

If you do not want to completely test without any technical device, you can use the
Scalar Electrode in combination with the virtual test function from the program Auraanalyse 1.0.

Perhaps you prefer the classical remedy testing after
Voll with test ampules.
These are available with geman labels.

AcuPro II System allows a complete therapy in combination with the EDS-DiaLog, EDS-ImPrint ,LightPen Controller and FloodLight.

New developments are in progress.

Declaration to the “Electrical & Electrical Old Equipment Law (ElektroG)”

The German ElektroG is stems from the European Union guidelines WEEE and RoHS.
Klaus John is not a manufacturer of products in accordance with the ElektroG and therefore also has no own EAR register number. The production and the associated product responsibility are incumbent on the manufacturers and producers. These are informed to supply only products that meet the requirements of the ElektroG and follow their duty of registration. The devices are not sold to private households.

CE-Declaration of Conformity

The manufacturer declares under sole responsibility that his products
meet the following standards and directives:

Directive 73/23/EWG – Electrical apparatus – Low voltage directive
Directive 89/336/EWG – Electromagnetical compatibility
Directive 93/68/EWG – CE-marking
European standards: DIN EN 55015, DIN EN 61547, DIN EN 60598-1

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