Aura Analysis

The Aura Analysis gives testimony about the test person’s physical, psychological and spiritual development.
Klaus John has created a computer program as a tool that may be used within the professional framework of psychologists, pedagogues, counselors, naturopaths or medical doctors.
The procedure finds its boundaries within the competence of the user. Therapeutical measures bay be restricted by local laws. Users should be aware about their possibilities and make that clear for their possible clients.
Color therapy and Aura Analysis should be learned by attending
Currently, there is only the German version of the program available. A book is in progress.
You might
install the German test version and intuitively get some impressions.
The download also contains a “mini lecture”.
My biggest thank goes to
Douglas Leber, who did the basic research.

The screenshot from the German program “Auraanalyse 1.0” shows an aura pattern with its geometrical evaluation. The pattern shows whether the personality is healthy and stable or what kind of conscious or subconscious emotions could be problematic.
It also shows disturbed organs and miasmas.

The “Overview” from the same program gives access to all topics of the analysis. The counsellor can use the complete database and calculations in a directly.
The upper half shows the actual aura pattern with the five zones and accociated chakras.

The Zones are like questions to the personality. What is the mission, the purpose and where will the person will find fullfillment? What will he/she do for that and what is the stile of that acting? And how is the mental processing mode? The colors in that zones give answers and the chakra activity shows the deeper motives.

Screenshot: aura Pattern
screenshot: overview

In the lower part of that window, a similar panel shows the aspired aura pattern. It deals with the question, where the person will develope to and what the therapy will be.
This is a real revolutionary part of the analysis. Independently from the points of view of the therapist, the answer stems from the client itself. This allows to work with the wisdom within and orientate to the autonomous healing capacities .

You might also visit the german website.

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