LightPen Imprinter

This Windows XP program is structured like the AcuPro II System
It uses the same frequency patterns for the virtual remedy testing resp for transmission of information.
So it gets possible to use the relevant signals directly with the
LightPen or FloodLight or other assessories during testing.

The program can store data in the AcuPro format and has extensive search functions. Eight tanks are available as virtual "Wabe" for the found remedies.
All in all, the about 9000 entries of the complete list can be displayed in 115 different potencies, which makes about 1 Million single items, that could combined indefinetedly.

It is best to learn the testing under experienced supervision on a seminar.

Because the program is only available in German language until now, please read more on my German website.

Windows Program LightPen Imprinter with LightPen Controller

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