AcuPro II System

Douglas Leber developed his AcuPro II - System based on Electro Acupuncture after Voll.
The virtual testing of the 72 colors against
filter ampules is easily and fast possible with the AcuPro II - System. With other EAV /EDS devices, the conventional remedy test has to be done with real Ampules or with the virtual test of the program “Auraanalyse 1.0”. Test Ampules can be ordered from Klaus John. The procedure should be learned on a seminar or workshop.
The found information of substances, colors and more can be modulated and transferred onto different media with the
EDS-ImPrint or the LightPen Controller .


Screenshots: (german) AcuPro II-System during
color testing

US-Version 1993

AcuPro II System

AcuPro II - with Generator

Computron NG






Excerpt from a prior informational webpage about Acupro:

How the Acupro II System™ works

Step 1:
There are 40 major tests points on the hands and feet, allowing the Acupro II System to obtain quickly a comprehensive survey of the functional status of all the body's organs and tissue systems.

Step 2: The Acupro II computer software creates and prints out a bar-graph patient profile, allowing a comprehensive overview, at a glance, of the functional status of the various organs and tissues, comparing the right and left side of the body.

Step 3: A more detailed investigation of stressed organs is possible by "branching" to additional test points for monitoring the status of the various regions and functions of each organ.

Step 4: The Acupro II's computer graphics display the exact location of about 2000 specific test points throughout the entire body, affording specialized testing applications such as Dental, Neurological, Spinal, or Psychological evaluations.

Step 5: Once a disturbed region has be identified (ie., the whole heart), the Acupro II branches into a testing of its various components (ie., the hearts muscles, valves or conduction system). A complete cardiovascular examination, for example could involve testing over 30 such heart points, testing for causative factors such as viral, bacterial or chemical toxins. Then, suggested test substances will appear on the screen (i.e., nosodes, chemicals, homeopathic remedies, allergens, herbs, vitamins & minerals etc.) which can then be tested to observe which ones would allow the body to return to a state of energetic harmony.

Step 6: The Acupro II provides for you extensive, specially sequenced lists of pre-selected items for testing, putting at your fingertips access to a vast body of information gleaned from years of testing and research.

Conduct an interview with the human body

The human body is an intelligent creation throughout -- not just in its brain. Since the beginning man has been imposing on the body what he thought was best. Now we can ask the body directly what its needs really are. Bio-energetic testing allows us quickly and accurately to conduct an interview with any of the body's bio-informational processing system, we can non-invasively test for and determine the body's electrical reaction to many of the stress-producing substances and influences of modern living -- from allergies, heavy metal, drug and other chemical toxicity to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Comparing against the energetic standard of optimum health

The Person experiencing optimal health is electrically resilient, demonstrating a reserve capacity against stress. By monitoring the body's response to the introduction of a minute electrical current, the Acupro II software is the guide through a bio-energetic stress-response test, listing appropriate steps for comparing the body's level of stress against the optimal standard of no-load or zero stress.

Preventative medicine without the guesswork

The Acupro II System processes the body's early-warning signals -- often long before problems are able to be detected through conventional means such as X-rays, body scans, blood and urine tests. It is now possible to pin-point the exact location of energetic disturbances, determining their source and testing the effectiveness of any proposed therapy. In other words, the Tester shows: (1) how much stress an organ or tissue group is under, (2) what causes the stress, and (3) what will eliminate the stress. Then, the progress of the therapy can be monitored -- eleminating the need for extensive trial and error.

The following screenshots are from the german version.

sreenshot AcuPro

sreenshot: testing the lymph vessel branching for the teeth

sreenshot AcuPro

sreenshot: testing the summation point for the teeth

sreenshot AcuPro

sreenshot: testing single teeth

sreenshot AcuPro

sreenshot: comparison of the 40 control measurement points for all meridians

sreenshot AcuPro

sreenshot: virtual remedy testing

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