LightPen Controller

The LightPen Controller is adjusted to 24 colours after Dinshah Ghadiali and Douglas Leber. These 24 colours are intensively radiated by the LightPen, FloodLight or other devices.
The sensor field enables fast switching of colours and makes that the device universally applicable.
Therapeutical colours can easily be tested by electro acupuncture / electrodermal screening, RAC- orkinesiological testing, or could be chosen by literature.

LightPen Controller

Of course, the colours can be used in the context of other models and systems.

The LightPen Controller is a universal tool of any kind of colourtherapy.

The light can be modulated with "Information" by the Software "LightPen Imprinter", "AcuPro II System" or "Auraanalyse 1.0". The "Information" relates to diverse substances, remedies such as homeopthic remedies, nosodes, Flower Essences, gemstones and more. It can be transfered to the body, e.g. acupuncture points, or onto media like water in ampules or bottles as carrier of information.

Basically, the LightPen is plugged to the Controller and placed on it.
By turning it on with “Power on / off”, the control LEDs run around the colour circle and stop at the last chosen colour. By touching the sensor field "LightPen on/off", the LightPen radiates with full intensity.

The selection of colours is done by:
- touching the sensor fields of the colour circle
- short click on the LightPen Button selects the next colour in the given
- long click on the LightPen Button turns the direction and selects the next colour.

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