Colour Therapy quickly to hand


The lightPen is crafted from high Quality aluminum with a pearly and anodized surface. It contains most advanced electronics for exact colours.

Changing the Light Conductor:
twist the top of the LightPen counterclockwise (looking from the top) about one rotation. The Light Conductor is loose now and can be pulled out.

The LightPen is water resistant at the top but not the button and the End at the cable!
The top and the Light Conductor can easily be cleansed with an alcohol swab.
The conductor can be desinfected separadedly by taking it out.

the maximum power of the LED is 3 Watts.
That is like a ordinary 15 Watt bulb concentrated to one point.
(e.g. a hologen bulb just emits 3 Watts as light. The rest is just heat )
This power allows a high penetration depth into tissue.

The durability is very long with about 50.000 operating hours, which is equivalent to six years of continious load.

The LightPen can only be plugged to the LightPen Contzroller and is not compatible to prior LightPen versions.

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