Due to compatibility problems of modern computers with the AcuPro II – System, the former Computron NG has been upgraded with an internal computer and optimized for running under DOS.
The result is this compact device
EDS DiaLog with all necessary interfaces.

EDS-DiaLog , ImPrint & LightPen

Picture: EDS-Dialog system arranged with LightPen Controller, TFT-
     monitor and other accessories. .

The EDS-DiaLog is the best available environment for the AcuPro II software.

The name EDS relates to the american synonym for electro acupuncture after Voll (EAV), ā€˛electro dermal screening“.
DiaLog means the dialog with the energetic system of the tested person as well as an acknowledgment of the founder and teacher of the system
Douglas Leber.
The complete system consists of the EDS-DiaLog,
EDS-ImPrint, monitor, keyboard, probe, “Wabe” and necessary cables and the AcuPro II software and a printer.

The components of this system are optimally tuned.
This allows to start the whole system with just one power supply and one switch.

The newest developments are the
LightPen Controller and the FloodLight.

Compatibility with old AcuPro components.
It is possible, to just purchase the EDS-DiaLog and get oneĀ´s own AcuPro Software installed. Also prior imprinters can be plugged to the EDS-DiaLog wit a special adapter cable. The EDS-Imprint also could be modified to be used with old equipment.

The best solution for user who already have the old devices would be to get the new system and keep the old hardware as a backup or second work station!

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