Scalar Elektrode
Scalar Electrode

This device is a flat coil with special windings, packed into foam. The function is similar to the coil in the Imprinter of the AcuPro System. 
The impulses from the serial port of the computer allow the
virtual testing of relevant substances or colors.

A red LED monitors the function while signals are transmitted.
Size:( 8 cm x 1 cm) x 150 cm

The Scalar Electrode can be plugged to Com1 to Com4.

If your notebook has only an USB interface, you might use an adapter.

The device works with the virtual test of the German program
“Auraanalyse 1.0” or “Tank Tool”.

The client holds the coil to the body. An electrical contact to the body is prevented by isolation.
During transmission of signals, what can be observed by watching the blinking LED, one can test with any
EAV / EDS devices, kinesiological or else. 

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