The AcuPro system is also explained here and on my German homepage.

Originally, the testing device “Computron” has been developed in USA for the Commodore computer. Then it was adapted to the IBM computer with 1 MB ram under DOS. The system has been distributed by Computronix.
In the 90th, German devices with extended functions and higher security standards have been created.

Computron, Imprinter, Electrodes, LightPen

Picture: EDS-DiaLog, EDS Imprint, AcuPro II Software, Electrodes, LightPen Controller

The new standard is the EDS-DiaLog with an integrated computer with all necessary interfaces like LightPen Controller and FloodLight.

This new device prevents compatibility problems that reguarly arise with modern fast computers combined with the old hardware and the software itself.

The EDS-Dialog makes extra computers or notebooks superfluous!

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