The power of the FlodLight´s light has an enormous penetration depth
Therefore, the Floodlight is suited for treating larger areas of the body or even a whole room for group therapy.

By the special technique, the light is without disturbing vibrations.
This development has been essentially for the accurate transmission of signals for substance information and frequencies. The Floodlight has the same colours and transferes the same signals like the LightPen. The emitted colours are free from heat radiation! There is no infra-red!

Several Floodlights can be plugged to one LightPen Controller and be used at the same time. Also a stand alone usage with several colours and colour gradients like "sunrise"
(starts light Red and gets stronger until White within 20 minutes) is possible.

FloodLight with LightPen Controller

Picture: Floodlight mounted slewable on a plate

Power supply voltage:    230 Volt
Power consumption:      40 Watt

Power of the LED: maximum 35 Watt
This power is equivalent to a conventional 175 Watt bulb.
But the FloodLight produces no infra red.
Only the case cools the electronics.
The light itself has no disturbung warming.

Size: ca 25 x 12 cm without stand.

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