The german program Auraanalyse 1.0, Version 2005, is availabe as download. It is a Windows 95 program and will run under Windows XP but may have problems with later Windows versions.
After extraction of the files, start “setup.exe”. Then click to “Alle Daten”.

The program will be installed to "C:\aura" as default path.

The installation does not change anything on your system instaed of creating the desired folder.

To uninstall, you might use the batch file “deinst.bat”.
or delete the folder by using your Windows Explorer.


Klaus John is not responsible for any damage that might relate to the installation or usage of the program!

With installation, the user accepts the licence agreements that are delivered with the program in german language.

Installation-Alle Daten

A download for the program LightPen Imprinter will be available soon.

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