other methods

Nogier-Reflex ( RAC-Test )
Here the reaction of moving of the pulse wave is felt at the wrist.
The method was necessary to explore the width of the aura zones.
The experienced tester can feel positive and negative reactions to diverse stimuli.
These stimuli can stem from the virtual test with the program
“Auraanalyse 1.0” as well as information from the monitor or test ampules

Sensitivity training / Qi-Gong
some people can see or sense the aura directly or have own approaches to get information about the aura.

With training and discipline, the sensitivity can be enhanced until such impressions become reliable.
The own aura can be enforced with Qi-Gong, which also trains the own sensitivity.
Eventually, the sensitive tester then does not need test ampules or other aids.

Radiesthesia / Biotensor
These method uses the sensitivity oft he tester with a pendulum, dowsing rod, Biotensor or else. As with all mental testing, the result is due to the condition of the tester. Those who already have good results with such methods will also successfully test the colors and creatively combine the resources of the aura analysis.

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