About Klaus John

Klaus John,

born in 1958. in Lüneburg / Germany.

Matriculation 1979.

After an initial study of mechanical engineering and civil service, training as healing practitioner ( Heilpraktiker).

Own praxis in Buchhorst and Lauenburg /
Germany since 1985

Grof Transpersonal Training with certification in San Francisco / California in 1991.

Training in EAV / EDS and Colour Therapy after
Douglas Leber since 1990.

Klaus John

Own computer programming to the topic of Electro Acupuncture, Virtual Remedy Testing, Colour Therapy and Aura Analysis since 1993.

Workshops & seminars with
Holotropic Breathwork after Stanislav Grof and Color Therapy / Aura Analysis.

Klaus John is married and has two adult children.

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Praxis-Info Klaus John!

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